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Our founder’s first seasoning recipe, right here! Yep, Michael “Mickey” Richards spent many hours perfecting this golden blend for his prized baby back ribs! It’s a mild BBQ flavor packed with cumin and mild chili powder and we gotta say, Mickey outdid himself on this great spice blend! Y’all, this stuff makes every meat and even poultry super tasty! Mickey started pouring it into his chili recipes – and he won multiple chili contests because of it! Yes, it’s that kind of good! No matter how you cook ribs – oven, smoker, grill, pressure cooker, slow cooker – just rub this seasoning all over the meat then let it sit for a little while. By the time you start cooking, it will have absorbed that delicious goodness down deep –expect to be impressed with this fine rib rub! Some extra details about Mickey’s delicious beef rub – or all meat rub, as we like to say:
  • We make Rib Rub seasoning with no sodium but it has a pinch of sugar ‘cause it’s good
  • We use only natural ingredients, meaning absolutely no fillers or chemicals
  • All our seasonings are made in the USA because it’s the best country on the planet
  • Get your premium spices from Mickey & T’s, the Best Gourmet Seasonings Ever
Ingredients include Paprika, ground cumin, mild chili powder, dry onion, course pepper, and a hint of sugar with NO SALT, NO MSG.

1 review for Rib Rub

  1. Chele Brew

    Superb Flavor and super ideal for low sodium diets. The chili recipe on the bottle is amazing!

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