Popcorn Seasoning 4-Pack


Cheddar cheese popcorn, a delicious staple in the world of popcorn cuisine, but here at Smash Seasonings, we knew it was destined for more! Its fate depended on us!

We set to work and after eons in our lab kitchen, we did it!

Now for your enjoyment, we introduce this most creative, most flavorful, most elevated of popcorn culinary experiences – our 4 designer cheddar cheese powder flavors:

  • Scrumptious White Cheddar 3.1oz
  • A Touch of Sweet Caramel Cheddar 4.4oz
  • Zesty Jalapeño Cheddar 2.9oz
  • And Salty Smoked Bacon Cheddar 2.8

Each is delectable on plain or buttered popcorn!

But, in typical Smash Seasonings style, these enhanced cheddar powder flavors offer versatility! Use them with gusto to season a variety of snacks and meals!

Each flavor creates a tasty cheese sauce for macaroni, vegetables, nachos and casseroles!

Or sprinkle it on dinner sides such as baked potatoes, vegetables and salads, but also on snacks like nuts, pretzels and crackers!

And if it’s a star ingredient in baking! Sprinkle it into your bread dough, cornbread mix or cake batter!

With our powerhouse blends ranging from sweet to spicy, you’ll always have the best flavors for all your culinary creations.

Here’s a bit more info about our delectable cheese flavorings:

  • We make seasonings tasty with no or low sodium! That’s right – just pure wholesome flavor!
  • All our seasonings are made in the USA! Keeping our economy and nutrition bright!
  • Get your premium spices from Smash Seasonings, the Best Seasonings Ever!

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