Lemon Pepper Seasoning


Here at Mickey & T’s, we have a love of all kinds of foods – dishes from all over the world, but sometimes, it’s the simple pleasures that make meals feel just right. Take our Lemon Pepper Seasoning created by Michael “Mickey” Richards. With a delicious lemony flavor from our freshly ground lemon peels blended with the finest peppercorns, this seasoning adds an unbeatable tasty zing!  Try Lemon Pepper on all kinds of seafood – it’s a must for salmon, shrimp and fish! Then there’s classic Lemon Pepper Chicken – just scrumptious! But, not to limit this fine citrus-flavored seasoning, it’s also fabulous sprinkled on salads and vegetables, also marinade – even popcorn! Our refreshingly tart lemon pepper:
  • Is made with no sodium or salt substitute, just honest goodness from lemons and peppercorn
  • We use only natural ingredients, meaning absolutely no fillers or chemicals
  • All our seasonings are made in the USA for wholesome goodness that’s hard to beat
  • Get your premium spices from Mickey & T’s, the Best Gourmet Seasonings Ever
Ingredients: Peppercorn, Granulated Lemon, Ground Lemon, Oregano, Thyme, Cumin, Paprika, Garlic, Onion.

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