Beef Rub


Ooh, y’all. This is some good stuff that Michael “Mickey” Richards made for beef. He knew that layer of spice-built flavoring would create a mellow crust on the beef that seared perfectly – and he was right.  Just rub this on steaks, brisket and roasts before grilling or searing. When you sit down with your fork, you’ll be thankful you added this step – it’s mouth-watering and savory on a new level, like 5-star chef kind of level. But, it’s not just for dry rubs! Whip up the most delicious beef marinade you’ve ever had with our Beef Rub seasoning! Add a teaspoon to a cup of red wine and quarter cup of olive oil and let it soak into that juicy beef for a few hours. Whoowee, that’s good stuff! More interesting facts about this savory beef blend:
  • We make Beef Rub seasoning with no sodium so you can really taste the onion, garlic and thyme
  • We use only natural ingredients, meaning absolutely no fillers or chemicals
  • All our seasonings are made in the USA to complement the best beef in the world
  • Get your premium spices from Mickey & T’s, the Best Gourmet Seasonings Ever
Ingredients: Garlic (Minced, Roasted), Onion (Minced), Spices, Orange Peel, Lemon Peel, Chipotle Pepper, Mesquite Smoke Powder, Shallots.


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